CBD Marketing Agency

Struggling to find a CBD marketing agency that actually drives results?

Building a CBD brand is one of the hardest things to do in ecommerce. Everything is stacked against you because of what you sell…

But what if there was a CBD marketing agency that could stack the odds in your favor with email marketing?

There is.

In fact, that’s how we help CBD brands grow. For most CBD brands, your email list is the #1 most important asset. When you work with us, we’ll make it your #1 most profitable asset.

Here’s how it works…

The $1MM Email Funnel: How We Help CBD Brands Scale With Email

We’ll handle everything from your strategy to the copy. We’re one of the only CBD marketing agencies that will drive you more profit, for a fraction of the cost.

In phase 1, our goal is turn subscribers into CBD customers fast. This includes optimizing your welcome flow and aggressively sending segmented email campaigns.

In phase 2, our goal is to recover as many lost sales as possible. We do this with a 3-step sequence proven to convert CBD customers who are “on the fence”.

In phase 3, our goal is to accelerate your customer’s LTV in a 30-90 day window. We do this with emails that upsell, cross-sell, and ultimately ascend customers into bigger offers such as limited edition CBD products.

Email Marketing & SMS

Our goal is to help your CBD brand generate up to 30% of your total online revenue from email marketing.

We’ll takeover your Klaviyo account and handle everything from the strategy and email calendar to the copy and design. Think of us as your in-house email team, but specialized in helping CBD brands scale with email.

We start with a 30-point retention audit to find your biggest opportunities for growth. This includes looking through all of your analytics, flows, campaigns, and even your settings.

Then every month, we optimize your flows and campaigns based on those findings. Everything from your email calendar to your emails themselves will be optimized based on what works for CBD brands

Work With Us


Starts @ $2,500 / mo

Email Audit

8 Email Designs

2 Email Resends

0 New & Optimized Flows

1 SMS Message


Starts @ $1,000 / mo

16 Email Designs

12 Email Designs

4 Email Resends

1 New & Optimized Flows

4 SMS Messages

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Starts @ $2,500

Email Audit

16 Email Designs

6 Email Resends

2 New & Optimized Flows

8 SMS Messages

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