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Struggling to find an ecommerce email marketing agency that actually drives results?

Let me know if this sounds familiar…

  • You want sales, but your agency only cares about open rates
  • You want revenue, but your agency only cares about clickthroughs
  • You want profit, but your agency only cares about discounts

If so, I hear you…

You’re spending a small fortune in ads every single day, so there’s no time to have to deal with an ecommerce email marketing agency that just doesn’t “get it”. Otherwise, you might as well flush your money down the toilet…

But what if I told you there was a way to…

  • Generate up to 30% of your online revenue without ads
  • Beat rising CPMs by accelerating your customer’s lifetime value
  • “Crisis-proof” your brand with a reliable, owned marketing channel

There is.

It’s what happens when you work with us. Unlike most email agencies that just throw stuff on the walls and see what sticks, we’ll personally install an email marketing retention program that’s been proven to drive results for 7-8 figure brands like Kettle & Fire, Verb Energy, and Drink02.

Here’s how it works…

The $1MM Email Funnel: How We Help 7-8 Figure Brands Scale With Email

We’ll handle everything from your strategy to the copy. Think of us as your in-house email marketing team, except we’ll drive even more revenue in less time and a fraction of the cost.

In phase 1, our goal is turn subscribers into customers ASAP. We do this with an optimized welcome flow and a high frequency of segmented email campaigns.

In phase 2, our goal is to recover as many lost sales as possible. We do this with emails designed to remind customers, answer their objections, and incentivizing them to buy now.

In phase 3, our goal is to accelerate your customer’s LTV in a 30-90 day window. We do this with emails that upsell, cross-sell, and ultimately ascend customers into bigger offers.

Start With A FREE 35-Point Email Marketing Audit

Discover your brand’s biggest roadblocks and opportunities so you can generate up to 30% of your total online revenue from email/sms.

We’ll review your email opt-in setup so you can maximize your list building and feed your email marketing machine with fresh leads.

We’ll review your flows so you can generate consistent sales on autopilot. The goal is to find how we can make up to 15% of your online revenue from flows.

We’ll review your campaigns so you can experience huge paydays. The goal is to find how we can make up to 15% of your online revenue from campaigns.

Ready To Scale With Email?


$2,500 / month

Email Audit

8 Email Designs

2 Email Resends

0 New & Optimized Flows

1 SMS Message


$5,000 / month

Email Audit

12 Email Designs

4 Email Resends

1 New & Optimized Flows

4 SMS Messages

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Email Audit

16 Email Designs

6 Email Resends

2 New & Optimized Flows

8 SMS Messages

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